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Uploading Data with Chinese Characters Using Data Loader

Uploading Data with Chinese Characters Using Data Loader

If you have an excel list of Lead / Contact / Account which have details in chinese or other special characters, it might get tricky to upload them to Salesforce. The solution however is quite Straight forward.

The problem is: The data loader accepts the files as Comman Separated Values ( .CSV) and when you export your excel list to CSV, all the chinese charaters are lost during encoding. For my example, I just saw _______

The Solution:

  1. First, export the excel list with Unitext – 8 enoding ( UTF-8 ) or Unitext – 16 encoding ( UTF-16 ).
  2. Goto File -> SaveAs and choose the approriate UTF Option. Give it a name and exit. The file would have been saved with a .txt extension.
  3. Open the file in another text editor preferably ( Notepad++ or Sublime Text). You should still see your chinese charaters and the excel columns separated by Tabs, which might look like spaces.
  4. Search for the Find & Replace feature in your text editor. In the Find box enter a Tab ( Not the word tab, but a Tab space), and then in the replace enter a comma (,). Click on replace all and save the file.
  5. After this, goto the location where the file is changed and change the extension from .txt to .csv. You can also do this step in you text editor using SaveAs.

Now, open Salesforce DataLoader and try to upload the above created CSV.

You're welcome!!

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