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CNAME issue with G Suite and Ghost (Pro)

If you are using or planning to use Ghost (Pro) for hosting your blog and G Suite for emails and other good stuff, you might face an issue, where G Suite is unable to recognise your domain, in case you setup your Ghost blog first.

I have registered my Domain at Namecheap and Ghost has a very nice article on how to route your domain to your Ghost blog.

If you follow all the steps as mentioned your domain will route to your Ghost (Pro) blog.

Next, when you try to register for G Suite to have a private email ( for example, you need to prove to Google that you are the owner of this Domain. There are various ways to achieve this which have been detailed here

If you are not self-hosting your blog, then the most common way is to add an MX/TXT record with host @ and some value.

If you added a CNAME and sub-domain for Ghost blog already, your google verification will unfortunately fail. The reason being, when a CNAME records is with @ then it suppresses all other records, as CNAME with @ has the highest priority.

The solution: Create the required CNAME record for www subdomain, and make a URL Redirect from your root domain to your domain ( ).

Login to your Namecheap account ( or whichever service you are using ) click on Advance DNS settings. If you have followed the steps as mentioned in Ghost guide, then simply remove the following 2 records:

  1. Remove the CNAME record for Root domain. It's the records with @ host.
  2. Remove the URL redirect record for Subdomain.

If you have another provider, remove all the records, then:

  1. Add a CNAME record for your subdomain. Host: www, Value: yourblog address.
  2. Add a URL Redirect record for your domain. Host: @, Value: your domain.

Save all the records. Now try to verify your Domain with google and it should work!!

Leave comments if this article was helpful to you or if you found another way to solve this issue.

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